YUIMOM Construction

Not seeking to be the biggest, only the best.

Long-term living and peace of mind is a promise made by the YUIMOM Construction. Our buildings provide a safe foundation so you can live freely. Every wall, tree, and grassy lawn contributes to a shared living environment featuring goodness and beauty.
Since the business was founded in 1997, YUIMOM has always believed that buildings should not be imposed on the landscape but should be integrated within the environment and encourage sustainability. This long-held mission of responsible building is a core value of the YUIMOM group and is central to the brand culture.

Development Projects

•1997-2004 Start-up stage. 17-home development in Kaohsiung was well-received.
•2004-2007 Kaohsiung’s first luxury home complex, the Royal Garden, was launched after three years of dedication.
•2009 The Royal Garden won two international awards: the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Gold Winner Award and the American Illumination Award of Merit IES.
•2011 The YUIMOM Jiang Guo Building.
•2012 The YUIMOM Yiju offered a three-generation residence near Kaohsiung Yuanshan.
•2014 The Yangming Scenery, nestled next to lush greenery overlooking Chengcing Lake.
•2017 The Baotai Yiju project completed. The complex neighbours the Asia New Bay Area and the Wei Wu Ying National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts.