Huang Pin Engineering

Fusing intelligence and green energy - a sustainable development that cares for the environment

When it comes to buying property, quality of construction stands out amongst other factors including location, planning and price.
The secret to a high-quality building of character lies in careful planning and premium construction materials. Huang Pin Engineering under the YUIMOM Group adheres to the principle of ‘planning before constructing’ to ensure the excellence of construction work. Quality is strictly controlled while attention is paid to aesthetics and cutting-edge techniques to produce distinctive, sustainable buildings.

About Huang Pin Engineering
Development projects

•1997-2004 Start-up stage. A 17-home development in Kaohsiung was well-received.
•2004-2007 Kaohsiung’s first luxury home complex, the Royal Garden, was launched, after three years of dedication.
•2007 The Royal Garden, Kaohsiung’s first luxury complex.
•2011 The YUIMOM Jiang Guo Building - Kaohsiung’s first purpose-built cram school building.
• 2012 The YUIMOM Yiju offered a three-generation residence near Kaohsiung Yuanshan.
•2014 The Yangming Scenery, nestled next in lush greenery overlooking Chengcing Lake.
•2017 The Baotai Yiju project completed. The complex neighbors the Asia New Bay Area and the Wei Wu Ying National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts.
•2017 Silks Club completed.
•2018 ALIEN Art Centre completed.


• 2009 The Royal Garden wins two international awards: the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Gold Winner Award and the American Illumination Award of Merit IES.
• 2011 The YUIMOM Jiang Guo Building received Intelligent Building Recognition.
• 2018 IES 2018 Illumination Award of Merit, IES (The Illumination Engineering Society)
• 2018 January The D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels 2018 Best Cutting-edge Design Award
• 2018 September Shortlisted for the Resort Hotels Award, WIN Awards (The World Interiors News Awards.)