Silks Club Membership Rewards Scheme Launches Assistant Chief Concierge Becomes Member of the Golden Keys Association

The April long weekend is just around the corner. Why not plan a spring getaway to Kaohsiung to enjoy the city’s many attractions in the balmy springtime weather? Silks Club has launched its Membership Rewards Scheme, an exciting rewards programme for all members registered with Silks Hotel Group. Members can redeem an e-voucher for a free one-night stay after five qualifying nights in a year, when booking directly with the hotel on their official website or by phone. Other exclusive deals include ME Time | Solo Travel, Room-Only and Escapism in Style packages, offering luxury indulgence-filled getaways and romantic city breaks. To help you make the most of your stay, the hotel is offering a Kaohsiung in Springtime special for stays between 1 April to 30 June. Simply add the promo code ‘19SPRO’ to your booking on Silks Club, you can enjoy the best room rates from NT$6,800, free shuttle service, 30% off THSR tickets, and a free admission ticket for Alien Art Centre. For more information about all special deals, go to Silks Club Packages, or call 07-973-0111.

Since its launch in 2017, Silks club has continued to deliver impeccable hospitality and service to all guests. This year Rex Cheng, Assistant Chief Concierge of the hotel, received the honour of becoming a member of the Golden Keys Association. Such recognition reflects the highest quality of service that Silks Club strives to provide. The Les Clefs d’Or was founded in 1929, with its motto ‘Service through Friendship’. The association’s English translation ‘Golden Keys’ suggests the access to exclusivity granted by a golden key. To earn membership of the Golden Keys, hotel concierges must have years of experience, pass comprehensive testing and prove that they are able to deliver nothing short of inspired service. Having concierges from this elite group, Silks Club ensures that guests would be well looked after while indulging themselves in the ultimate experience of a 5-star hotel.

As the gateway between Kaohsiung city and the international community, Silks Club pays particular attention to the role of the concierge. From arrival at the hotel until their departure, the concierge is a key point of contact for our guests, setting the tone and ensuring their impression of their stay and dining experience at the hotel is second to none. Having worked as a professional hotel concierge for six years, Rex Cheng’s reliable service and warm smile have won many guests’ hearts. He says: ‘Silks Club is committed to ensuring guest requests are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. We want guests to enjoy our professional service, discretion and impeccable hospitality - the raison d’être of the concierge.

About Silks Club

In every corner of the hotel, you are met with attention to detail and refinement of touch. An exclusive luxury hideaway, Silks Club offers 147 all-executive suites spread out over 29 floors with an average room size of 20.5 ping. The presidential suite occupies an entire 207 ping floor, boasting a spacious living space of 33 meters. Guest rooms are furnished with premium materials using natural Northern American oak wood and rosy Angela marble imported from South Africa; all water sources have been filtered and disinfected, and ozone equipment has been fitted to the in-room air vents to ensure antibacterial filtering and deodorizing (a first in the industry for Taiwan). The large ceiling-to-floor windows invite you to take in the stunning city view, where above the 17th floor you are presented with a magnificent panorama of the harbour where the sea meets the sky. Ten types of suites are available to suit every specification, with the finest amenities including: premium Italian handmade Falomo mattresses, Kuan royal bedding, EU certified organic bathing accessories, free high-speed WiFi, Sony Bravia LCD TVs, and Bose Bluetooth speakers. For more information, please visit the official website of Silks Club.